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Hunter's Legacy - Review

Yet again, the platformer genre has been given some love and this time to my delight, by a Mexican development team that is doing amazing things from one of the most inconspicuous geographical places in Mexico.

Hunter's Legacy was released earlier this year by Lienzo and it's a beautiful homage to all-time favorite gaming and a testament of love for great games.

You play as Ikki, a powerful huntress from the feline tribe of Un'Amak (I know, right?!) who will travel the land to vanquish the evil. Don't let the looks of this game fool you, though. It is a true-to-the-genre title.

Similar to great classics like The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, there's plenty of looting and puzzle-solving to be done in Hunter's Legacy. As you explore the various locations, you can gather gems to buy upgrades of both HP and weapons.

Lienzo makes an amazing job at laying out the game, putting the right amount of frustration where it should be. The world is beautifully designed and presents some interesting combat mechanics as well as fun and challenging creature design.

One of the things that I loved most about this Mexican side-scroller is that there are no tacos, or luchadores. Not even a single reference to a piñata and a mariachi, which have become the common places of Mexican game development. But this time, we have an exercise of pure imagination, mixed with a strong background in gaming and storytelling, as well as subtle aesthetic references to Mexico's cultural background.

Currently, the team is working on their next project, Mulaka, which takes on yet another one of the many exciting challenges that a lot of creative teams in Mexico have taken on before: the vast heritage of our pre-colonial history.

But for now, you can all enjoy the charm and wit of Hunter's Legacy, which is currently at a sweet price on Steam.

Lienzo was kind enough to invite us to try out there demo. Here's part one:

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