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About leaving Cloud M

It's always been hard for me to leave a clan...

I always try to pour some heart into them. First, the one I created: Sons of Huitzilo, I had wild dreams about it. After all, it was the first one. We worked hard at improving and pulling the team together. With them, I learned that companionship was very important in a team, but also, how time consuming and how much dedication it involved to build one on your own.

Then came Kaos Lating Gamers, a big name in Latin America (it still is). Putting myself out there got me into this team. That's what landed me that invitation and that's was the main thing I learned from them.
I worked hard, I was active, I was there for the clan wars, for practice. I offered my services as a designer, I did stuff for myself. I ventured.

Cosmic Cloud Militia taught me about being part of a team and being a better player because of it. The importance of sharing and asking for help, of being there for your clanmates and relying on them. Delivering.

For now, as I sail teamless again (not entirely though, 'cuz I have my best friend Polaris and I've made so many great friends along the way), I can only be excited for what the next team will bring, but I can honestly say, there's still plenty of bear heart left to try to make everywhere I go, a little bit better than it was before me. 


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