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Leap of Fate - REVISITED

During my week of vacation, I got an email from Mattieu Begin, from Clever-Plays. I had lost contact with them for a long while since I tested the alpha build for their game, Leap of Fate (that was one year and a half ago!).

I was really excited to read that Leap of Fate was finally launching. I had really high expectations since I saw their pitch on Square-Enix Collective. I was ready for this.

As innocent as Leap of Fate might appear with its sober title screen, this game is challenging to its very core. There are a lot of pleasant surprises from the last time I logged into the alpha. Bringing three other characters into the mix brought the whole story together, delivering a much richer context for the main storyline to develop. This also added even more replayability value to the game. 
The story stays along the lines of the cyberpunk aesthetic but still manages to sneak quite a few cards up its sleeve.

Incorporating board game mechanics, specially cards and dice has become a trend once again in many indie hardcore games and this wave has its origin in developments that started back in 2014. 
Leap of Fate's incorporation of these mechanics feels seamless and natural, as they are not an additional element but rather the backbone of the narrative's flow in the form of "The Deck of Fate". The deck can be altered or revealed with new items also incorporated in the definite version. Along with a face-paced, action-packed combat system, it gives the game just a right amount of everything. There's a whole variety of minions, bosses and things to explode.

Design-wise, Leap of Fate presents a solid UI with the highlight being, in my opinion, the skill tree which features 3 different skill classes laid out over a human body, similar to chakras (I knew right when I saw the concept art of the game that this would look amazing).

So far, I've managed to unlock one of the additional characters, which took quite 
some time of grinding through the levels and getting my movements and timings right as well as collecting a few upgrades along the way.

I see more hours ahead of me playing this game, but for now I can only congratulate the Clever-Plays team on launching Leap of Fate after so many months of hard work. I wish them great success with this game and all their future projects.

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