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Being a gamer. Part 1

Getting my first donation was a shock. It was less than 3 dollars. But they felt so real and it came with a request. "Keep improving". It was so motivating I just couldn't wait to, you know? Improve. 
I've had the idea of designing GrizzlyGaming's logo and brand identity 'cause I'm a designer and that's what designers do. So I pulled all my crazy together and I'm now happy with the results and with the reaction of my community. It's a small community and most of the people who follow me are close friends and family who want the best for me. Doesn't matter how little sense it might make to them. They're just supportive and I love them for it. 

But recently, support has come from uncharted territories and people who a barely even know who are actually vouching for me and trusting that I'll entertain them and prolly they'll learn something from me. 

I really hope they do. But for the most part, I hope I can live up to those expectations. 'Cause I've always felt in my heart that video games are yet to become much more than what they already are. And that many people would be blown away by how amazing video games can be. I've been playing video games for almost my entire life. Not out of necesity but out of pure joy and a need to interact and explore and just being a kid growing up to be a person. 

I don't know if games make you a better person or not. I don't think they do. Nor does TV or the internet for that matter. But what's undeniable is that, like any other form of creative expression, video games have given me a place (or many places) to belong to and I express myself through gaming.

Today I received my second donation. It felt so good. Because I knew I had responded in kind to that first request and I just want to keep on doing this thing that I love that so few people understand but that has given me such amazing memories as well as means to connect with others, no matter how far. 

I've met great people allong the way and continue to do so. Life is the greatest game of them all. I understand that now.

Samus Aran on Draw To Life.


  1. keep going, altough i dont have the money to support you, you have all my emotional support =D

    1. Thanks! :D Sometimes that's exactly what is needed.

  2. yea im pretty broke too but keep it up! theres is a lot of value in what you said about belonging! were friends on gamingtribe and I thought Id show some love!-Harlan

    1. Thank you for your comment, Harlan! Triber love \o/