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Two words: Kyle Landry

Last night I was having trouble sleeping. So as I usually do, I turned to Twitch for salvation and actually found something rather unusual: There was a musician in the front page. But not just any musician but a YouTuber I've followed for years now. As a piano player myself (although I've been off it for quite some time now), there was always a special place in my heart for YouTubers who dedicated their time to extract the essence of great songs and bathe them with some piano magic.

Video games are no exception. Who doesn't feel a sudden flutter of the heart upon listening to the first chords of "To Zanarkand". Who doesn't jump into combat pose with Smash Bros. Melee's Opening theme? 

This is what happened last night with Kyle Landry's stream as he skilfully played away some of the most iconic video game music. 
It had been long since I'd last seen a Twitch chat so active (and borderline frantic). 'Cause we loved these stories, we've somehow lived them all (video games, I mean) and the music that accompanied them has a special place in the hearts of all of us. 

Thank you, Kyle for sharing an almost 7 and a half hours long stream of pure magic. I'm sure a ton of Twitch users were delighted to listen to you play (and actually having their requested pieces played).

If you haven't listened to Kyle Landry, go to his Youtube channel or visit his Twitch channel and go grab a bite of what we had for "earnner" (dinner for them EARS! \o/) last night. 

Support Kyle! Donate, buy his music, follow him on Twitter, like him on facebook and all that stuff internet love is made of.

Watch live video from Kylelandrypiano on Twitch

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