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Important message to the Grizzly Gaming community.

Hi, everyone!

As many of you know, I run a channel on Twitch TV. Little by little, I've been building a still small community of passionate and helpful gamers.

I write this post to you because today I added a donation button to my Twitch channel 

Money is a delicate matter and for this reason I think you guys should know where this funding will be put towards. So here it goes.

All donations to Grizzly Gaming serve 2 main objectives:

1.- To improve the channel's infrastructure.
2.- To provide incentives that can help us create an active, strong but above all, grateful gaming community.

What's that mean? That 50% of Grizzly Gaming's donation income will be used to purchase giveaway prizes (games, giftcards, gaming gear), as tournament prize pools and to contribute to charity.

Thanks in advance for the support you've shown so far.

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