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This War of Mine -Review-

I decided to start the post not with the game's logo but with this phrase which is exactly how this game hits you from start to finish.

I actually bought some Steam moneys two weeks before the game's release. Something told me I HAD to get it as soon as it came out. I watched the trailer, read the info on their site. I was ready for this exciting new experience.

All these game feels come from a very personal place, but we'll talk about this later on this post because it's as important as talking about gameplay, design and such things.

You play as a group of civilians trapped in the middle of a war. They're hungry, scared, tired and together. Each character has a unique story and skills you must combine in order to achieve the group's survival. Managing and improving your shelter by day, protecting it and scavenging by night.

You have a set of pictures of your characters on which you can clic to gain information about their status, assign tasks in a more organized manner and obtain biographical information as well as a day by day diary of their thoughts and feelings. Making the characters easy to relate to as well as providing valuable information on how to achieve their well being.  

The dangers and moral conflicts are as real as they can get and your decisions will not only affect your current situation but also the emotional state of your companions. 

The psychological factor is the center piece that makes this game rip you to shreads. It's present in every single aspect of the game, transforming it into a beautifully heart breaking piece of narrative.  

The pencil/charcoal-like art is simply beautiful and captures the sadness inherent to the game's plot. It shines specially in the way the characters use their senses to interact with the environment. Aspects like sound, movement and vision are subtle and beautifully crafted.

 This War of Mine is a much needed game considering the times we face as humans and the rapid escalation of violence in countries like mine (Mexico). There's no heroism, there's no glorification of war. There's only survival.

My longest survival streak to date is 30 days. How long can you survive this war?  

I actually stream almost two hours of play so check it out!

Watch live video from lex_GrizzlyTO on Twitch

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