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After Blizzcon - Some thoughts for the near future.

I hadn't written about Blizzard games in a while but Blizzcon having passed and with such amazing announcements, I think it's time to dive into such gaming passions again.

Legacy of the Void is something all of us StarCraft players are looking forward to. Some of the unit changes seem ridiculous (I'm being really honest here), but we'll get to that as soon as we get our hands on the actual game. 
For me, the key changes and those that are worth discussing in LotV are: 1.- the worker count reduction for base saturation and 2.- The tendency to create a much more micro oriented game. This simply means that StarCraft willl become a more "agile" RTS. Bringing earlier agression and reducing the time invested on creating a powerful economy. It's still hard to put numbers on how the percentage between economy and war will shift and if whether or not such changes will make the game more attractive for an audience, but we can be sure that it WILL set a trend that will impact what may come beyond LofTV and other future RTS's.

Hearthstone also announced it's first expansion, Goblins vs Gnomes. What I love about Hearthstone is it's witty dialogue and strong characters. This is an expansion that will surely bring a load of fun and witty moments as well as a much needed card influx to shake things up. 

Heroes of the Storm's ALPHA is nearing the end. I was somewhat allergic to MOBAs until I played HotS. I've been seriously pondering why this game made so much sense to me when others didn't. After putting a lot of thought to it I realized that, although all MOBAs are team games, none of them enforces so much the sense of team spirit and cooperation as Heroes does. The various arena events take team coordination and team prioritizationto a next level. 
This genre harbors some of the most aggresive behaviours in eSports for the simple fact that their is time to flame at each other. For this reason, the automated character dialogues are a nice adition to the game's team dynamic.
I'm really looking forward to ranked play and hopefully be able to find a good solid team to be a part of.

Overwatch belongs to a genre that's out of my range (I only played Team Fortress 2 a couple of times), but the art and story telling of Blizzard Entertainment is impecable and powerful enough to make me wanna dive into this new franchise. The nervousness of Chris Metzen was completely justified as Blizzard took a leap of fate into a brand new universe (which is always nerve wrecking) with fresh new characters that bear the Blizzard signature look and feel with pride.

Will this game scale to be competitive? It's very likely and I wouldn't be surprised to see an Overwatch exhibition tournament on the next edition of Blizzcon.

If you haven't already updated your BETA testing profiles, I suggest you do it RIGHT NOW because Blizzard is embracing 2015 with a warm chubby orc hug.

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