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Join me LIVE on stream! :D

So I started streaming this week! YAY! I actually managed to figure out how to properly do it on a mac despite all the constraints, difficulties and the absurd amount of software you need to use. I'm really proud of myself for it.

Anyway, I hope you guys will be able to join me. I'm currently streaming with music and game audio only but I'm working on some commentary stuff and web cam content. (I wanna give you guys some gaming awesomeness that's worth your time so be patient!)

I worked out a simple schedule though these may or may not occur depending on how busy I am D:

#EarlyBirdGaming: 6:00am MST (Mountain Standard Time)
#GameBreak: 4:00pm MST 
#AfterHoursGrizz: 9:00pm MST

This week I'll be mostly playing StarCraft and Hearthstone but expect other games soon ;D (Still deciding at what time to do that... n_n')

You can also check my stream status and schedule 

on the right at any time. 

Also, follow me on twitter to know when the stream will be LIVE :)


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