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My thoughts on Gamification

This post is not about any game in particular but about me. This post has a lot to do with how I carry myself and live my life. I decided to write this to let you guys know what are my general thoughts on gaming. This will be the first of a series of such posts.

I personally believe that life is just a game.

Think about it. 

Every game we've played is based on real life principles. It is only natural that life is indeed playable. 

We are born into a world that is totally unknown to us and as we grow, so does our knowledge and skills. Also, our character develops depth as we encounter life experiences. We interact, we gather information. We make strategic decisions. We bond with others in order to survive, grow and also, have a good time. Sometimes, we are extremely reckless about life. 

Does it sound familiar to you?

These same mechanics are bestowed upon games and it is not strange to, sometimes, extrapolate those aspects of gaming to real life. I personally do think that this can prove to be very beneficial in regard to self motivation as a means to, in the end, become a self driven human being. 

Life is free to play. At the same time, it's the most complex and challenging game ever created. Of course, you can keep it as core or as casual as you like; it's part of its charm.

First of all, life changes genre constantly. We can all agree on the fact that it's FPRPSSG (First Person Role Playing Sandbox Sim game) a hundred percent of the time. But whether we end up in a shooter or a sports game, is totally up to us.

What does this way of seeing life imply for me? Well, I usually have a lot of fun with my life. Because it is a game that I create as I go. I can add to it whichever elements or characters I want. My game speaks of who I am and this doesn't trouble me. I like investing time in my life experiences. I don't treat my life casually, 'cause I am a hardcore gamer. I like being good at the game, as good as possible. 
Tasks like work, chores and the all so called responsibilities of adulthood, give me experience and new items to expand the game and reveal "other parts of the map". My view of life is less based on the amount of burdens I've acquired and more on the number of quests I've managed to complete. The mind set is quite different. There is an implicit motivation and drive beneath it.

I'm aware of the fact that this way of life might not be beneficial to all humans. But it has been for me.

Recently I watched a TED talk by game developer Jane Mcgonigal and how the development of her app SuperBetter came to be. This resonated in me because of the way she used gamifying her life as a way to heal herself. Which is in a sense what enjoying your life is about.

So THAT being said, how do you gamify your life? How does it help you?
Share on the comments section bellow! :)

GG, everyone! \o/


  1. sadly my life was in hard mode from time to time, i swear that i constantly hear the sound of zelda when you have low life, but as you i truly believe that life is a game, and every encounter we have is for the best, is to get xp, lvl up and finish the quest, cause nobody wants to play a shitty easy game, but hey the soundtracks are amazing,but i dissagre in one thing, life is not free to play, is the most expensive game of all, but at least dosent charge you for expansion packs, well except for marriage XD, and kids, that expansion is the most expensive one, but at least it has tons of quest to do, but hey keep playing cause is getting more fun with each day

    1. That's an interesting way to view costs of life as a game. I guess you're right! Hope you have a nice week and GL HF!

  2. i like TED talk, i view in netflix n.n

  3. First of all quite interesting to see how a gamer gurl see this world, i have read many posts from "gamer girls" that are most shitty stuff, the way you humanize the games in ur daily basis its kinda cool, ok ,lets get back to subject.

    I have many issues with some "hobbys" in real life, its hard for me to read a book, quite hard to focus in one, but the funny thing its i love to play RPG specially the one´s with many words... idk why... so when people tell me "dude u should read more" i just a play a RPG game xD, some times i replay very old games, no voice actors and movement stuff, just plain letters. So how this help me in daily basis?

    As you say and others, life can be a game with shitty save points, many bugs, some good exploits and with some hardcore bosses, i have learned to see people with stats, skills and classes, using this system i can work better in any enviroment, it can be harsh sometimes but it help me making the life a bit more interesting, easy going and with some spicy funny flavor, and just to make it clear, im not the heroe in this story i like thing im like the second player or the support class, i find the heroe class to be absent in many stories and in life basis, its like it never existed.

    But leaving that aside , i used to play competitive in many games not always in the type PvP, it was more like PvE or GvG, i love the flavor of "look its Isaac from the guild tacosftw" , but not only the name of me , also the name of the guild , that has always motivated me to keep pressing on and getting more fame for everyone, but then i learned that theres a line when the game leaves to be a game and become a "WORK" and i wont go again to that place even if i love it, u lose many things in the way to that place.....

    Just to finish: i love to play support class.

    1. I guess, throughout the course of our lives we play different roles and yeah, sometimes you get to play support and if you are a really good support and you like it, who knows, you can help give birth to amazing heroes. It's another way of living.

      Which made me think of something which I didn't cover in my article, which is the concept of "legacy". I remembered in Golden Sun when you could use a really long (like really long) code to "export your characters from the first game to the next.

      This is a particularly interesting feature of life as a game. The concept of intangible or tangible legacy.

  4. Loved this post, it encourages a personal position I share. I too thing life is much like a videogame. Mine is usually an RPG: I recognize my own skills and habilities and value the importance of a party, we need a tank, a healer, a magician, a heavy fighter and a social trickster. Also, being able to recognize one's habilities as well as other's allows us to create healthy social interaction: it's the needing and learning from one another that connects us, pretty much as a server would. sometimes, life is a survival horror resident evil videogame. you get trapped in a haunted mansion and the only way out is opening that door that you just KNOW something nasty will come out from. so you count your ammo, you value any other support you get from other characters in the mansion, you grab your balls and shoot the zombies down. sometimes its simple and slow as a sims game and you just need time to settle in perfectioning details and enyoing the amazing graphics and music. being able to wacth life from a third-person perspective is a very healthy act, giving us not only a bigger and more objective view but also the possibility to react and interprate situations in ways we normally wouldn't: it allows us to change our reality, blow down the horror videogame and switch it for a combat one, or simply a dancing skill. changing perpective is pretty much as changing the gameplay, and it's a good skill to have at hand at any time. in the end, every single human action is a reflection of something bigger, more complex and wholer, holier too. so are videogames. there are instrascendent aspects to them, there are aspects well highlighted in this article that teaches su about life.