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My WCS Global Finlas experience

It was a really sweet weekend! I had been expecting the WCS Global Finals at Blizzcon for quite some time. I seriously considered buying the Virtual Pass but decided not to, despite the online goodies. This year, I was only focused on watching the Global Finals. That was my only purpose.

I've never rooted for Naniwa, although he was the only none Korean player, 'cause I often dislike rude players. I don't find them amusing nor appealing as professionals or sportsmen. I recognise their talent and undeniable skill, but I believe in behaving honorably and being respectful to others. He was the only foreigner but, truth be told, the rest of the players were clearly better than him.

I was surprised to see how entertaining it was! I've watched a lot of SC2 matches before, tournaments as well as live streams of some of the pros' training sessions. But the global finals really brought out the best of the best and made each player truly shine. 
I took notes pretty often, most of them regarding transitioning tactics which is one of my many weaknesses as a Silver ranked player. 

I can't deny I was rooting for Evil Geniuses' Jaedong, I've followed The Tyrant's trajectory since 2005 and was glad to see him switch to StarCraft and kick ass during this year. I felt bad that he ended the tournament in second place, yet again. I saw Jaedong play brilliantly and I'm still confident on his abilities as a player. He proved versus Maru, that a good Zerg can be pretty scary. But the greater surprise was indeed, sOs
Breaking the "serious/defensive/deathballer/lategamer" protoss paradigm seemed nearly impossible before this young man arrived. Protoss shone under a new light of dynamic and explosive playstyle.
I enjoy it when these things happen 'cause they set the strategy trends in motion, shifting the way we play the game. 

What am I looking forward to see next year? Lots of things really. I would love it if Blizzard made an announcement regarding Legacy of the Void (let it be, Dustin, let it be). Ofcourse WCS 2014 (for more information on the next edition of WCS, click here).

And some other personal goals regarding my play.

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