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Review - Electronic Super Joy

I've played crazy games before. I've played games which are really hard to beat. But very few can manage to harmoniously mix an extravagant story, with clean simplicity, vibrant colors and party music like Electronic Super Joy

It's a game that sucks you into a fast paced, sidescrolling platformer extravaganza that puts the skills of the all-time gamer to the test. The game is extremely hard and just when you think you've mastered the physics of it, it slaps you in the face and throws you back into the beginning of the stage. 

This is a story about getting your butt back by defeating the Evil Wizard (not kidding on this). 

Level design is something worth talking about. It's not just about the high contrast between the dazzling and colorful backgrounds with the deep black hue of the characters and scenarios. 

It's a game with an amazing sense of rhythm and it reflects on the main character's interaction with the A.I. and the different elements of the environment. These aspects make the game's difficulty more of a necessary evil than a burden. In combination with some wacky party tunes, this game becomes both an auditive and interactive experience. 

You can purchase the game for only $7.99 on Steam (and you can actually buy the official soundtrack which is pretty freaking amazing). 

For more information on the brain behind the game, visit Michael Todd or Michael Todd's Twitter

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