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"SCUniverse: Chronicles of Fate" is now FUNDED

So I gave myself some time to play through the first chapter of StarCraft Universe: Chronicles of Fate and I just had to come by and share with you guys!

If you haven't played this Kickstarter jewel in the making, you definitely should, as it offers an interesting parallel storyline and a totally rethought StarCraft environment.  

First off, I am impressed with the voice acting and narrative within the game and how it fits with the general franchise storyline. Although I felt that some dialogues are a bit weak (I'm referring to content, as I said before, voice acting is insanely good!), I do believe this it's very decent work.

In terms of gameplay, I noticed some control and physics issues that were a bit annoying. There is a slight lag regarding movement control (WASD keys) which results in taking more damage than you should when confronting enemies. It will also take you a couple of minutes to get a hang of how the camera works. I don't know if having to hold down the right mouse button is the best solution to it but it isn't so bad after a while. 

These are just minor details in comparison to the amazing amount of work put into this game. It really shows. 

I applaud the work that the StarCraft Universe team has done so far and wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate them for having reached their funding goal on Kickstarter. 

Go give them a big thumbs up on their Twitter and Facebook

To know more about this amazing project, go to the StarCraft Universe site.

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