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My thoughts on StarCraft

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I love StarCraft. From the first time I played it (more than 10 years ago), I fell in love with RTSs. Although I tried other games like Age of Empires, there was something about SC that felt different. I remained oblivious to the popularity the game had in the rest of the world during my teenage years. It totally eluded my mind that a video game could slowly but steady, become a big deal. A sport. I rediscovered my passion for strategy games when Wings of Liberty's release was officially announced. 

My feelings towards the game are those of any other person who enjoys a beautiful sport.
To some, this is a stupid statement. But for you, I have something to remind you: chess. I played competitive chess at some point during my school years and the preparation and dedication we put into it was that of someone who seeked professionalization. Back in the day, it was the game of chess that was neglected as a sport and its tournaments and events, considered by general public to be non-important. Yes, I compare StarCraft to chess and actually find it more challenging. Get over it.

This is what StarCraft is to many of us who play it. Specially to those who have managed to make a living of it. Professional players all over the world have found a sense of purpose in playing the game and getting better at it. It is fascinating how it has become South Korea's sort of national sport. With a scene so powerful and influential across the globe that few leagues in the world are Korean free, if any.

It still amazes me when I tune in to Twitch and find all these people sharing their personal experience with the game. Plaguing the web with unique styles and approaches to game mechanics, build orders, unit composition, general technique and other finer details. The voices of the community and pros alike are being heard. 
Tournaments such as WCS, MLG Pro League, Dreamhack -just to name a few-, bring people from around the world closer together. In an environment equal to that of traditional sports. 

Today, I'm working with some friends towards creating a StarCraft II team. I practice as much as possible to rank higher and get better. 
I ladder constantly. I watch replays and live streams of players and analysts alike. I have a notebook for strategies and things I need to remember when in game. I love to talk to people about StarCraft and how important and big it is already. 
 It is a personal goal to improve. If I would ever get to be Grand Master, it would be a lifetime achievement for me. Same as writing a book and helping make my business successful. That is just how important this is to me and to many people who play StarCraft. 

I can say that I feel satisfied to where StarCraft has led us and how it has influenced other genres to tag along. There is a sense of pride nowadays amongst gamers. Belonging to a community from which professionals have emerged to set a solid ground for video games to be considered a sport is something worth bragging about.


  1. Osom ! Y si sigues por ese camino, sin duda rankearas alto =) Y si, vaya que SC tiene un toque bien beio :') Go SofH !