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Review - One Chance

The other day I got really sad, dudes and dudettes. Partially thanks to the "War of The Hormones" I was. I thought it was going to be a very pleasant mother's day where I would call my mom and grandma and post on facebook a rather inclusive phrase to wrap up every single mother I knew without actually being morally obliged to call them all. Practical indeed. 

Me and my best friend were playing Portal and emptying our brains to embrace the teachings of godlike A.I., Glados. It was her turn so I went on facebook to check on the popularity of my ambiguous mother's day post when I stumbled upon a post from a friend. 

The link took me to NewgroundsThe game is called One Chance.

 After these lines come a series of decisions that will, eventually, take you to an ending. Mine wasn't pretty and yeah, you only have one chance to play through the game. 

Dr. John Pilgrim's team has discovered a cure for cancer. Hurray!, right? This great news doesn't go on for long 'cause well, you guessed it from my opening line, this is some sad game. So the next day, as expected, everything goes wrong and the series of hard choices begin.  

The 8bit graphics style which is quite in these days don't make the game less powerful. I question the music choice at the later stages of the game but other than that it's a really solid statement. 

I strongly encourage you to play it and comment on what your personal experience was. I've stumbled upon various endings to this story. It actually made me reflect upon how the level of involvement in the decision making process of the game (as in actually being able to achieve distinct outcomes) is a brilliant way of dragging the player in. But that is a theme for another post. 

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