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Review - icefishing v


I first came across the game when an open request for testers showed up on twitter. I volunteered (THG jokes in three, two, one...) 'cause I love video games and I've recently tried to be more active in the community.
I'd signed up for BETAs before and I usually send feedback in an anonymous way. But I'm a traditional game gamer. I play AAA games or indie games long after they are released. For research and fun purposes mostly. icefishing v is a whole new terrain for me. I love this whole new terrain.


There is sound. There is graphic. There is a gazebo. There is shooting. There is a start and there is a path to the next level. Eventually, there is an end. The end will take you back to the start. 

icefishing v is an experimental art and sound game developed by musician and sound designer Nathan Gallardo. Through five intricate and beautifully designed levels, players are sucked into a quest to find their way out. There are no maps, no clues. Just a first person view of what appears to be reality's collapse as a whole.

The strong color palette and bizarre ambience sounds take you to a very dark place inside your head which just enhances the experience. 

Glitchy sounds, trembling camera, sharp structural shapes. This game is as conceptual as a game can get. 

The ups

// For those of you who dig the "less is more", architectural, geometrical, conceptual, Kandisky with a computer and 3D modelling software, retro vibe, this game is absolutely perfect. Everywhere you look in the game is a perfect abstract composition.
// You are meant to explore the game fully. The lack of obvious elements makes the experience of playing icefishing v evermore stimulating. There is no background story (or is there?). 

To know the game is to play the game. 

Sound design in simply amazing and is directly involved with the location and interactions the between the player and his/her surroundings.

The downs

//  It's like the sexy woman in the red dress or the sexy man in the suit (depends on your taste). They are extremely appealing but they've never been known for being the most friendly. There is a complexity by design aspect in the game. 

You can download this amazing game here and try it yourself. Feel free to leave comments on your own experience. 
The game advises you to use headphones. You definitely should. I advise you to play it with an open mind and childlike fascination. You definitely should do that, too. 


To view more of Nate's work, visit

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